10 Things I Didn’t Know Before Having Children

1. When you have small children, going to the park can be stressful. From the time the child is mobile until they are about 3 or 4, park play dates are not the ideal place to have meaningful conversations with friends. Unless your definition of a meaningful conversation includes one of the people running off randomly to protect their child from getting beaned in the head by the swing. If a mom is lucky enough to have several children, it’s likely that she will have 7 years of park play dates before she can actually sit down and watch from the sidelines.


2. The word “underpants” would become a natural part of my vocabulary.

3.  The funniest costume to a little boy includes underwear on his head.

4. There is nothing more amusing to an 8 year old boy than a book full of riddles.

5. There is nothing more annoying to a mother than to have to listen to her 8 year old read an entire book full of riddles.

6. When I have grandchildren, I’m going to buy them riddle books.

7. I’m not above bribing my children.

8. I can drive and accurately throw food into the back seat to my children.

9. Family dance parties can make almost anything better.


What would you add? I need a 10th!